Booster VIP O2

We have always known that oxygen is the source of life and that therefore, the cells of our skin need oxygen to regenerate. Unfortunately, environmental pollution prevalent in cities disturbs the skin’s essential mechanisms. The metabolism slows down and there is poor or insufficient supply of oxygen. This can cause premature skin aging. The skin makes fewer cells, and low quality ones, which has a major effect, of devitalizing the skin, dulling the complexion and reducing its radiance. Thanks to its innovative crackling texture and its unique formula, the Booster VIP O2 is a revolution in facial treatments. Like all products in the VIP O2 line, its core formula is composed of Oxygenating Complex specific to Biologique Recherche and an anti-pollution platform. Its active ingredients enable cells to breath better so they can produce more energy and higher-quality proteins. Its protective, detoxifying components limit the accumulation of oxidized proteins and the propagation of pollutants in the epidermis. This micro-massaging texture, combined with Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae, will stimulate the epidermis to reoxygenate cutaneous tissue. The crackling felt during the treatment will interact with the formula to create exceptional results. Skin will be genuinely detoxified and reoxygenated, the skin is cleared of impurities and clearer. The booster VIP O2 revitalizes and boosts the complexion. It improves the “soft focus” to add brightness and radiance to the face. This product is located in the initialization stage in our treatment matrix, more precisely in the initialization booster category. Training is required to learn several manual techniques, such as kneading and rolling, in order to use it. This is why it is only intended for professional use.