Creme Defatigant

Crème Défatigante is ideal for decongesting and relieving heavy and tired legs. Its rich and comfortable texture, enriched in essential oils, melts on the skin to provide an immediate sensation of freshness. This revitalizing care product prevents and relieves fatigue to put a spring in your step.

Crème Défatigante helps improve blood circulation and reinforce the dermis. With its astringent and vasoconstrictive properties, it promotes the diffusion of liquids which pass through the small vessels and prevent the veins from dilating. Furthermore, elasticity and skin tone are reinforced. Finally, Crème Défatigante has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce the swelling and relieve heavy legs.


▪ Reinforces the dermis to prevent spider veins

▪ Helps improve blood circulation
▪ Prevents the heavy legs effect
▪ Relieves and decongests tired legs
▪ Provides a sensation of freshness and lightness thanks to its thermal effect (hot/cold)