Creme R-Stria

Crème R-STRIA is a treatment that prevents and reduces the appearance of red stretch marks, also called inflammatory. Composed of toning and regenerating active ingredients, it will soothe the skin and avoid the formation of atrophic scars. This treatment acts in depth to fight against red stretch marks, it stimulates dermal reconstruction while improving the roughness and color of the skin. Thus, the skin texture is toned, refined and smoothed.

Recommended for Skin Instants© with “inflammatory” red stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks.


▪ Prevents the formation of red stretch marks
▪ Reduces the appearance of red stretch marks ▪ Soothes inflamed stretch marks
▪ Stimulates dermal reconstruction
▪ Tones and firms the epidermis
▪ Refines and smooths the skin texture