Remodelling Body

Just five sessions to re-sculpt your figure. Remodeling Body has revolutionized body restructuring machines. It is suitable for slim, less toned clients and for plump clients when combined with a diet. Its exclusive three current system, which was already used by Remodeling Face, has been multiplied by six to restructure the body, muscle by muscle. This system puts an end to slack, saggy and orange peel skin. In five sessions, Remodeling Body re-sculpts your curves. This revolutionary method is gentle and particularly effective and represents an alternative to surgery and cosmetology.





  • Galvanic current improves the absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Low or medium frequency current:

-Medium frequency current remodels and has a myotonic effect. It is a motor stimulating current that causes the muscles to contract lengthways while respecting their own physiology.

-Low frequency current is analgesic.

  • Athermic (that does not heat), pulsed high frequency current regenerates connective tissue by activating the cells and harmonizing their relations with each other.

Together, these currents attack unsightly fat cells and work like lymphatic drainage. They can be regulated according to the desired result, the skin type, and the client’s sensitivity threshold.